Destiny Independent School Kempton Park

Grade R - 9

Destiny Independent School is a new and growing school, registered
with the GDE. We opened on the 9th January 2019 with 60 learners
between Grades R and 9 and now currently have 150 learners. 

Our main goal as a school is to guide ALL our learners to the maximum of their

Henry Van Der Hooven Photo Destiny Independent

Address from the Principal: Henry Van Den Hoven

Ask any learner in our school what is the one thing the Principal
keeps on reminding them of and they will tell you: “I am not worth less; I am worth more”.

Our reason as a staff for being here every day is to ensure that we develop the potential of each of our learners to the fullest, and to do that in an atmosphere of familiness.

A school is so much more than just learners, teachers, and academics. It is how these different aspects integrate with and react to each other. It is the being there for each other when we need it the most, it is the safe environment in which we can experiment and even make mistakes with the knowledge that we will not be victimised or discriminated against just because we made a mistake. It is the knowledge that we are not our mistakes.

Academic Approach

Small classes allow for an environment where each child can reach the maximum of their potential.

We use Microsoft teams as an extention of our teaching platform. Lessons are loaded on this platform on a daily basis.


Destiny Independent Kempton Park follows the CAPS curriculum, as prescribed by the Department of Basic Education


The Destiny Independent teachers are all qualified with at least a 4-year qualification, they are a passionate team, dedicated to our learner’s growth, development and success. 

Extra-Curricular Activities


The following cultural activities are available for learners to participate in:

Subject Choices

Additional Subject Choices

Learners are able to take on additional subjects through our online platform. These subjects are:

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DCEG Pillars of Development and DCEG Learn

Our Pillars Families are named after inspiring women over the years.
Rosalind Franklin
Margaret Thatcher
Katherine G Johnson
Katherine G Johnson
Michelle Obama
Michelle Obama
Florence Nightingale
Mary Wollstonecraft
Rosa Parks


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