DCEG Home Schools

Destiny Gen

What is home schooling?

Home Schooling is a medium of schooling where the learner stays at home and is taught by parents, as opposed to going into a traditional school daily and being taught in a classroom by teachers.

Home Schooling still requires that you register your child with the Department of Education, but as a Home Schooler.

You will then need to find a curriculum provider from which to receive content, guidance and assistance throughout the year. That is where we, as a Home School Academy, come in. 

What the DCEG Home School Academy provides:

What responsibility lies with the parent:


The DCEG home-schools are:

Greenacres Home School Academy
Broadlands Home School Academy
Lowveld Home School Academy
Impact Home School Academy
Destiny Home School Academy
Dream Distance Home School Academy
Destiny Changers Home School Academy

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