Greenacres Private College

Grade 8 - 12

Greenacres Private College is one of the leading private schools in the Vaal Triangle area. We strive to produce confident individuals who are able to lead a life of purpose. Our whole learner centered approach offers learners guiding principles, central to our school’s ethos. 

Greenacres Private College provides a safe, nurturing and inclusive community where our learners are encouraged to explore, experiment and investigate. We aim to develop each child to the maximum of their potential and ensure quality academics and discipline.


Address from the Deputy Principal:
Cheree Kotze

It is an absolute honour to receive this position, 

From the day I first got introduced to the Greenacres Family, Vision and Dream, I fell in love with it.  

All my experience in management, discipline, education and children will help me in making a difference in everything I do. 

I believe I was directed to the green grass of Greenacres to love, guide and grow the family. 


Fawzia Choonara Greenacres and Broadlands Executive Principal

Address from the Executive Principal: Fawzia Choonara

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the official website and provide a foretaste of our extraordinary journey to achieve academic excellence and support each learner to reach the maximum of their potential. The year 2021 marks a significant and valuable change in my career.

Academic Approach

We encourage whole learner development and remain hands-on with each child, constantly checking to see if they are achieving their goals. We celebrate each learner’s success and build their academics to next levels by doing this daily.

We use Microsoft Teams as an extention of our  teaching platform.  Lessons are loaded on this platform on a daily basis


Gr 8-9 follow the CAPS syllabus; Grades 10 -12 follow the IEB syllabus.


Our teachers are strong, dynamic individuals who have a passion for education and their learners. We strive to constantly develop our staff members.

Extra-Curricular Activities


Subject Choices

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DCEG Pillars of Development and DCEG Learn

The Pillars Family Care Groups are named after famous paintings.
Repair 2
Starry Night
Intertwined with Angels
Intertwined with Angels
9th Wave
9th Wave
Finding myself Finding ourselves
Finding Ourselves
The Real Ambassadors
The Naked Truth
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Whistlers Mother
Persistence of Memory
Persistence of Memory
The Apollonians


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