I pledge a commitment to guide both schools to successfully reach the purest level of academic excellence. As with any journey, one has to change one’s mind-set and perspective in order to successfully reach your destination.

Therefore, in some way or another, there will be some changes instigated in both schools regarding management, alongside newly implemented administrative procedures.

Nevertheless, the main aim, being academic excellence, will remain the same throughout regardless of any changes made within the schools’ systems. Moreover, to ensure the progressive success rate of any adjustment in an academic institution, the same institution requires the support of both parents / guardians and learners.

Consequently, it is my sincere hope that teachers, parents / guardians, as well as the learners, will support any changes implemented in the respective schools with the understanding that all my decisions are based on the wellbeing and success of both schools. As the Executive Principal, I will simultaneously guide & manage both schools alongside the distinct school management teams, educators, learners and parents; in order to achieve the identical vision of developing all our learners to the maximum of their potential.

Throughout my career I have observed that all decisions in life have a continuous ripple effect. Thus, a decision that will have an everlasting ripple effect is choosing a school that will both benefit your child’s academics, as well as their emotional growth. Furthermore, a learner’s academic performance, as well as their experience in a school will determine their accessible opportunities for tertiary education. In addition, a school contributes to a learner’s development in numerous areas. These areas include (but is not limited to): an increase of emotional intelligence, self-esteem, social interaction/s and providing life skills to ensure a successful career and the ability to function as an independent adult and become a valued contributor to the community.

I can affirm with confidence that all learners are the main priority in all operational facets of both Broadlands Private School and Greenacres Private College. These academic institutions aim for the highest level of quality as an education provider and an institution that will shape the future world leaders.

The school management team/s and staff alike, will focus on providing each learner with a virtuous education in an environment that is a well-disciplined in nature, in accordance with a hardworking atmosphere and most importantly a safe environment.

Broadlands Private School and Greenacres Private College awaits your application to join our – now extended – family. Remember that progressive beginnings lead to exceptional finales.

With sincere and heartfelt regard

Ms F Choonara

Executive Principal – Broadlands Primary & Greenacres Private College